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Alanna Cahill

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Hi :)
My website will be fixed and up and running again by December 1st. All the tabs are inaccessible. 

Sorry, I am training in animation & focused on brand work right now! I am catching up on wailsit comissions. If you need a comission email me @

Hi, my name is Alanna!


 I am a professional artist who graduated with a B.A in Creative Writing from Boston University in 2021. In the months following graduation I worked in luxury interior design until I received an offer from Louis Vuitton of LVMH to be one of the brands 30 Northeast visual artists.

I accepted this offer and began working in New York City where I began creating artwork for the brand, painting, designing mockups, as well as MTO trunks and exotic bags. Following this position I worked in women's ready to wear design for a house, and assisted in sketching, CAD design, and trend research. Currently, I am a professionally represented illustrator and am now beginning work as a storyboard artist.


Outside of brand work, I create custom painted products and art prints for individual clients and for general sale. I have worked with art clients since I was 17 years old and have a five star rating on four platforms. I sell my prints, original artwork, as well as custom painted items (a handbag shipped to me to be painted, for instance). Contact me for more information or for comission requests

Alanna Cahill

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